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Custom Forms


Design and implement your own custom forms that will gather only the information you need, organize it, and store it in Cloud Service for later use.


Great for doctors, home health care workers, lawyers, sports leagues, educators, and anyone who is tired of always filling out redundant information, and retaining it in multiple locations. Keep all your information at your fingertips through the use of

custom forms.


These forms can; 

- Include up to 5 levels of encryption, being HIPAA Compliant

- Collect custom information

- Collect Payments via PayPal and several other payment gateways

- Store files in Cloud service for complete, or password-protected access anywhere

- Send a 'Thank You" email to the submitter

- Send a notification email to the webmaster

- Redirect visitor to designated web page


Legal docs, Medical files, Teaching records; no matter what you have to organize, you will do it better with Custom Forms. Google is only one platform to store in the Cloud technology, Social Media Service12 has several for you to chose from. 


Depending on the amount of content, and how you plan to use it, we can design the perfect platform to take your paperwork out of the office, and into the Cloud where it will serve everyone better; anywhere, anytime, anyplace..


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