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Social Media Service12 offers 2 basic online ordering service plans; a small monthly fee, or 10% of each order


If you are selling food online, we can show you how to do it cost-effectively and in real-time. For a small monthly fee, you can offer a professional, fully integrated menu/ ordering system on your website, so your visitors can find you, order, pay online, and simply stop by to pick it up. This is the only way to go with Mobile orders.


Your restaurant menu will be built right into your website and transcribed into an ordering system with custom branding for seamless perfection.


Social Media Service12 can also integrate you with 'Open Table', the national restaurant service that allows you to take orders and reservations also from within your own website. This application will allow you to;


- Only pay for service on orders paid

- That means FREE ADVERTISING within their network

- 10% is added to the tab, with the balance paid to you daily, all credit card processing fees included in the final tab.

- Orders are sent to you in REAL-TIME via fax, or email


'Open Table' is one of, if not the largest online ordering systems in the US. Being part of their network means being listed in and among the most favorable market restaurants. SIRI, Google, Yelp, Yellow pages. Their applications are built right into your site for seamless operation, that pays you daily.


Delegating responsibilities is what great business is all about. Delegate to a professional that specializes in their field.





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