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Online Scheduling


Online Scheduling Takes The Middleman Out Of The Equation

Looking for a Virtual Office? Need to manage a business in real-time? 

Schedule, Re-Schedule, and communicate on your terms with the right software. We can put you in the position to be texted whenever you have a new message, or just go online to set your own schedule.


We can get you individualized phone numbers that you direct to any phone. This means you can have the same number for years, and simply redirect the call to the phone you choose, your cell, your home, or your office.


Do you want clients to be forwarded to your work phone? Family forwarded to your cell phone? and screen all the others? Social Media Service12 can help you sort all this out.


Some of the scheduling features you will find built into your custom site can include;


- Custom branding, look and feel

- Active Invite with a non-invasive, gentle pop-up window featuring your brand

- Ability to schedule appointments right from your site, without leaving the page

- Real-Time Calendars with email, and mobile notifications

- Reminders and notifications

- Automatically follow up with a 'THANK YOU' message or opportunity to re-schedule

- Manage clients and their emails, right from your website.

- Live video messaging, conferencing, and streaming, worldwide in REALTIME



Virtual offices are becoming more and more popular simply because they work. You can save time, overhead costs, and increase efficiency by finding out more about how many daily tasks you can automate, using online scheduling.


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