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How do you show up? Do you have a Brand? Need to create one?

If you haven't already, it's time you should. All good businesses have something unique about themselves to offer. Placing this branding in front of potential customers is the first step in building your business online, or off.


Your website is your first impression to the world; Make is something special. Get your clients to recognize you, and remember you with a unique brand built throughout your websites, emails, and blogs.


As long as you are working so hard, do it in style ~ ~ ~


The Mobile market has all but taken over this industry as over 70% of all online usage takes place on a mobile device. Your website automatically comes with an exact copy of your site, optimized for mobile use. 

We can get your site in front of mobile users like few other companies can since we go to the source of mobile transmission feeds like Google and Siri, we do all we can to get your site to come up first while moving around the country.

Don't be left behind, using the right developer and the right servers makes all the difference. 

Do you have a great idea that needs to be developed? Do you need something special that would help your business run ten times easier? Maybe you just want to create the next big gaming app to make a few extra dollars.


Let us help you develop your own applications that will make your business faster, easier, and more productive. It is not difficult, or expensive when you have the right tools.


Tell us what you are looking for, and we will help you develop your vision~



There are countless Social Forums we operate in, the most popular being Facebook, YouTube, Amazon/ Kindle, and eBay. We have stopped developing Twitter because of its limiting policies.


However, we are not limited to these, so if you have another in mind, be sure to let us know what your end result should be, so we can get started developing and promoting your online presence, too~


Custom Forms are a great way to collect data, and then store it in Cloud Service for when you need it. These forms are custom built to represent you and your branding, collect only the data you need, as well as payments or deposits to confirm orders.


We have several form models to chose from. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.


If you have an online store or want to promote one, we can offer Stores & Shopping Carts that will display your products professionally, manage inventory, and track shipping as well as any location worldwide.


We can connect your accounts to UPS, eBay, and Amazon to take advantage of their highly professional and organized shipping platform. We can even create your own custom store registry, listing any store that has an online shop.


You won't know what you can do until to ask ~ SMS12 is taking care of business online as few others can.


If you are running a business from a remote location, and are not ready for a full-time secretary, create your own virtual office, where you can be notified by text or phone whenever something happens.


Schedule online appointments, screen calls, set up confirmations, and re-schedules from your cell phone or anywhere you are. All in REAL-TIME.


Our virtual offices will set up all the backend work, so all you have to do is check in to see what's happening next.


For those who have property rentals, and take hotel reservations, we can offer you live, real-time booking that will accept your payments in advance, and notify you via text whenever someone takes action.


Virtual tours are also part of this package, so your visitors will be able to preview their room in order to help them make the decision.


This kind of development doesn't have to be expensive; once set up it practically runs itself. Great for vacation properties and yearly events. 


If you operate a resaturant. place yourself online and start catching those motorists on their mobile phones. Our restaurant campaigns will text your daily specials 30 minutes before meal time, to help guests decide where to eat. Take the guess work about where locals should eat today.


Our online menus & reservations will increase sales and develop brand loyalty in the most effective ways. 


Don't wonder what today's reciepts will be like, be aggresive about your business with Social Meida Service's Restaurant Campaigns.

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